Spring Grove Soccer Association (SGSA) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization and depends entirely on parent volunteers to ensure the operation and success of our soccer programs. When you register a child in one of our programs you become a member of our club. Each family is expected to volunteer in some capacity each season to continue our club's success. Since our club consists completely of volunteers, we are always in need of new volunteers to help the club continue to grow.

As kids move through the program, so do the parents making the need for new volunteers especially important. SGSA needs your help! Just because a job is getting done, doesn't necessarily mean we don't need you. SGSA needs all of our parents to become involved in helping us provide a better soccer program for the kids.


Volunteer Opportunities

There are many, many ways that you can help! Volunteers are always needed and we encourage our parent to become involved in all areas including: Board Meetings, Coaching, Field Maintenance, Facility Maintenance, Registration, Marketing, Uniforms, Fundraising, and Special Events. We have many positions that require only an estimated 2-3 hours per week, many of which can be done while your child is practicing. If we have 2 or 3 parents willing to help at each position, we will have strength in numbers and only asking each volunteer to give a few hours per season. We are in need of coordinators, administrators, and assistants to the coordinator in the following specific areas each season:

  • Registration - Prepares registration forms and staffs registration
  • Risk Management - Tracks and confirms coaches and volunteers complete background checks
  • Website - Update website and calendar once a week with announcements
  • Spirit Wear - Coordinates spirit wear for the club
  • Uniforms - Coordinates uniforms for new players and replacement uniforms
  • Fields - Reserves fields/gyms at off-site locations for use in the club and coordinate usage with teams
  • Grounds - Cuts grass, empties garbage, general field maintenance
  • Line Painting - Develops schedule for line-painting and coordinates with grounds coordinator
  • Concessions - Opens and closes concessions on game days, purchases concession and develops schedule to staff concessions
  • Equipment - Point of contact for coaches' equipment needs (Balls, cones, goalie equipment, etc.)
  • U-6 - Organizes teams and schedules and is main point of contact for U-6 soccer
  • U-8 - Organizes teams and schedules and is main point of contact for U-8 soccer
  • Indoor Soccer - Organizes teams and schedules and is main point of contact for U-6 & U-8 indoor soccer
  • Volunteer- Organizes and recruits new volunteers for the club

If you have any other special skills that you think would be useful to the club, please, contact us and let us know. Don't be shy about standing up and helping out! Get involved with the game that your child loves, it will be an experience you will share with them for a lifetime!